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Center for Digital Pædagogik (Center of Digital Pedagogy or CfDP) is a self owning institution, that helps children and the youth navigate a digital age. They use their more than 20 years of experience to give lectures, run digital advisory platforms, deliver educational material and much more.

We’ve worked together with CfDP for a lot of years, where we have built and designed different campaign sites, but also their own website. So we know them pretty well.

For their new website, we have helped them to better communicate their areas of expertise, and make their website a bit more commercialized than it’s been before. Focusing on selling their services they have the option of getting out and helping even more children and young people at school, institutions and municipalities.

We’ve been tasked to unfold their visual identity on the website, so CfDP looks professional, with clear visual references to the every day of the youth.

What you see is (really), what you get

The editorial experience has been cared for. When an editor has to edit or create new pages, they see a 1-to-1 look how the site itself will look like. This will decrease errors, lower the time needed to edit and give a better editoral experience that makes you wanna maintain your website.

We have a thesis, that many visitors of CfDP doesn’t know what they kan help with out in the real world. To help CfDP communicate this, we’ve placed an element on the bottom of relevant pages, with more services that fits to the page you are on.

Feedback on posts

The capable people of CfDP produce many articles for their blog that are read by a lot of people. To make sure that the readers stick around, we’ve made an element, that gives the users the ability to give positive or negative feedback. If there’s negativ feedback an input field pops up, so the reader can comment on how the article could be better. CfDP can see these comments in their WordPress backend so they can learn more about their readers.

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René Albertsen
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