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Enterspeed reached out because they needed more developer-power in a limited period, and they wanted a flexible solution.

Bjørn, from 29x, stepped in as an equal member of their team in a period of about a year.

In that time there was built som sweet management-frontend, where Enterspeed users can manage their accounts, setup Enterspeed schemas and publish new data. Besides that there was built demo frontends, that showed how to use Enterspeed with different technologies.

Do you wanna hear more about Enterspeed?

“Actually we have Bjørn attached as a freelancer, but we see him more an integral part of our team. That pretty much sums up how the cooperation has been with Bjørn! Whether it is on Slack, Confluence or a video call, from Aarhus og Cape Town, Bjørn is always helpful and very skilled.”

– Emil Rasmussen, CTO at Enterspeed

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René Albertsen
Digital Creative