Intenz works in developing organizations through sales, management and culture. Their focus is on collaboration and people as whole individuals. People, who are happy and are doing well, creates better results. 

Intenz wanted an update to their visuel identity and implementation of this identity across their website and printed matter. Templates for internal use was created as well. 

They wanted to reuse their logo, font and cyan blue color. With this in mind, we created a new visual identity, which still was recognizable for Intenz and their customers, but now had an even stronger foundation for messages across platforms. 

We customized their color palette and the weight of the colors, minimized the amount of fonts and reused the cyan blue color in new and more sophisticated ways. We also suggested a new photo style matching their identity. We developed graphic elements and a style that makes Intenz easily recognizable, simple and professional in their appearance. 

Besides the identity, Intenz also chose to have new pictures and portraits taken by us, to support their message and identity through authentic images. 

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