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Design: Anders Jespersgaard
API/Database: Fluxer

Lejeboligmægleren had a wish to get their new website developed in Umbraco. And of course we wanted to help with that!

Anders from Webven already had started on the design of the new website, so the task was to implement the design in an updated version of Umbraco and make a solid integration of Lejeboligmæglerens property catalog as well.

The property catalog is in Lejeboligmæglerens own system where property, renters and leads was handled.

Editors ❤️ Umbraco

In the Umbraco backend we’ve made “Custom Property Editors”, which allows the editor to insert properties from the external system directly in the elements of the website.

We’ve made custom rendering of the Grid editor in Umbraco that allows the different components to be rendered directly in Umbraco, with the same styling as the frontend.

This means that the editor will see the same in the backend as a visitor will see in the frontend.

To make it easier generating nice content on the page, we’ve added a dynamic property component.

With these components an editor will be able to insert different parameters as they wish to load properties by. After this the pages will automatically update when matching properties are created in the property catalog.

”Cooperation with Bjørn from 29x has been characterized by extremely good service and availability, where structure and good communication has made cooperating very easy, even though it was a big – and at times – challenging task. We’re very satisfied with our cooperation with Bjørn from 29x, who is both down to earth, skilled and understands to meet the client, where they are in their journey.”

– Charlotte Panvig, Marketing Manager at Lejeboligmægleren

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René Albertsen
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