Imagine being a producer of a product or maybe a wholesaler. Your products has to get to the shelves at retailers and these retailers has to order from you. What do you do?

Many places they still call in to make an order. Noted on paper, and written manually in their systems before getting shipped. In some cases they still use fax. Yes, fax.

Turis has done something about this. The system is experienced by the user (the reatiler), as a classic b2b-webshop, but the complexity behind is in another level.

We’ve helped Turis lift their identity, communication and with a new WordPress website.

Implementing +4000 integrations

We thought out and developed a function, that automatically creates the more than 4000 integrations from Zapier and lists them in an easily searchable and comprehensible overview with search-as-you-type and lazy-load. Daily synchronization checks for new integrations from Zapier.

Automatic pages

From all the +4000 integrations, the system will auto generate a page for every integration but only when a users clicks on the integration. We call it content-on-the-fly.

We made a template page, which was the foundation for alle integration pages. This was done to prevent the database and server to get bloated by the large amount of integrations. This way we create the pages dynamically when a user visits the page. This way Turis will get a landingpage for every one of the integrations that the users will show interest in. The content on every page will be generated from data attached to every integration like logo and name.

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René Albertsen
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